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Periodontic Dentistry Services

Periodontics involves preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases impacting the teeth’s supporting structures. Non-surgical periodontic dentistry services address the bones, gums, and connective tissues in a patient’s mouth. Natural Smiles Dentistry offers periodontic dentistry services to Marietta, GA, patients. We help restore gum health with periodontal therapy. We address your gum issues and find a non-invasive solution to treat them. Our dental team will explain any gum problems and offer an effective solution. We’re committed to the health of your gums and connective tissues. Reach out to us with questions about periodontal treatments.

doctor with elderly patient

What Are Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatments?

We address gum problems with non-surgical periodontal treatments. The goal of these treatments is to maintain and restore the health of your gums and supporting structures of the teeth. The most common periodontic service we offer includes scaling and root planing. Planing involves using special instruments to remove bacterial toxins and plaque from your periodontal pockets to boost oral health. We perform a root planing procedure when bacteria is stuck in the roots of teeth. The process helps smooth rough areas of the root to prevent oral bacteria buildup. Deep cleaning of your gums and the supporting structures helps prevent further gum disease and addresses many oral health concerns.

We Help Fight Gum Disease

Periodontic dentistry services are critical for the overall gum health of our patients. With proper tooth brushing and flossing, some patients are still affected by gum disease. Our dental professionals address your gum disease concerns and offer effective periodontal treatments. We help patients learn how to properly maintain their gums and boost their oral health. During routine dental visits, we always inspect for any potential gum disease or oral health problems. Gum disease can be painful and harmful, so let us help you stop it. When you need periodontal care, contact our dental office and schedule an appointment.

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