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I’ve come here since I was 13 (so half of my life) and I love it here. Everyone is always so sweet. Gala has been my hygienist for about two years now and is always so attentive, thanks for being personable! Elizabeth at the front has been a pleasure today in answering a bunch of questions for me so thanks so much guys! I always tell people about yalll. I used to love when they dipped my hands in wax but they haven’t done it since covid, I wonder if they stopped!

Rachel Harris

I love Natural Smiles Dentistry. I first met Penny when she came into my WF Branch to open their business accounts. I became their banker and have watched NSD become a premier dental practice. I started going to NSD for convenience as it was steps away from my branch. I continue to go to NSD because they are excellent at caring for their patients. They are professional. Your appointment time is accurate—no waiting around. They value your time. Everyone knows my name, and they treat me like family. I’ve been going to NSD for well over eight years now. I love them, and I know you will too. Thank you, Natural Smiles, for helping me maintain healthy teeth and gums and for my bright and beautiful smile.

Daisy “Daze” Babrow

We love Dr. Neda and the entire wonderful staff at Natural Smiles! My husband and I have been going to NS for at least 10 years, and recommend them to anyone who needs a kind, caring, and spa-like dental experience. The staff is so knowledgeable, and we feel confident in any recommendations that they suggest. If you are in need of dental services, please consider Natural Smiles. You will be so glad you did!

Pam Peck

Really great dental office. They are conscientious of my time. They are kind, compassionate and do a really excellent job in helping me take care of my teeth. The hygienists are amazing and thorough. They do not do the "hard sell" to have you get expensive additional procedures and use scare techniques to make you think you will lose your teeth if you don't have these things done. I really appreciate everything they do.

Jane Eubanks

I am so thrilled that a colleague recommended my family and I check out Natural Smiles! I have tried a lot of dentists in the past and was always frustrated with the service I was receiving. I have not had any frustration at Natural Smiles. In fact, it is even relaxing to go to my appointment here. I look forward to the paraffin wax hand treatment, warm blanket and warm neck roll. I also really appreciate that I can get a good, pain free teeth cleaning.

Rachel Grob

My wife and I just switched to Natural Smiles, looking for a place closer to home. We tried another office, and were surprised by an additional invoice. Natural Smiles made sure all of their procedures were under our insurance coverage before performing anything! Very upfront and professional. On top of the amazing staff, we were surprised with the little spa like extra perks they offer. This is how an office should be run!

Chris Hurt

Great Pricing, Great Staff, Great Service. I'm glad I found them and always suggest them whenever someone I know is looking for a dentist. *** Update, a year later and another visit later, I'm still very happy with Natural Smiles. I think they are great. It's not like I "enjoy" going to the dentist, but I do enjoying getting to see everyone at the office!

David Edmonson

This office is superb on all levels. From the front desk receptionist making my appointment to all the clinicians. I felt safe when I came to do my cleaning, the precautions that they do in the office from taking your temperature, shoe covers , to sanitize your hands at arrival, and before you leave is great. I also noticed how careful they were on check-in and check-out to not have more than one patient at a time. Thanks for the effort to keep everyone safe. Thanks a lot to Penny for doing a great job on my cleaning. Dr. Neda found a soft lesion on my lip and the office was prompt to get me an appointment with oral surgeon for a consult right away. Ivanka was super gentile and professional taking my impressions for my whitening and explaining the process to me. I'm really impressed with their customer service and what a group of wonderful professionals.

Mohammed Binhowidy

Natural Smiles truly gives you the most pleasant dentist visit every single time. The staff is incredibly nice and do a great job. Every time i'm there they go above and beyond, offering me all sorts of amenities and perks to make sure i'm as comfortable as possible while they clean my teeth. 100% recommend.

Jared Adams

Dr. Neda and her whole staff are wonderful. They make going to the dentist a very pleasant experience. They are very professional and have the highest safety standards and practices in place during this pandemic.

Eric Chapman

Wonderful dentist. Changed insurances so I could stay with this office. Both the dentist and hygienists are not treatment happy. They are willing to work with patients to prevent fillings, crowns and can have a wait and see if it develops attitude if requested. They are safe and protect both themselves and patients in this Covid time. Highly recommend them.

Scott Eubanks

My entire family and I have been going to Natural Smiles Dentistry for several years and they have been phenomenal EVERY SINGLE VISIT. Whether it's for routine checkups, cleanings or new crowns, they really do a fantastic job. I rarely take the time to write reviews, but when even your teenagers talk about how much they like their dentist, then it's definitely worth taking the time to let everyone know.

Mark Eister

I absolutely love Natural Smiles Dentistry! They turn the dreaded trip to the dentist into an enjoyable experience. I am always in and out in under an hour, they never keep you waiting for an extremely long time, and the staff is all so friendly! They have been my dentist for about 8 years, and I have never felt like they are trying to upcharge me or suggest expensive procedures that aren't necessary. I can't say enough good things about Natural Smiles Dentistry!

Jillian Smiley

My mom and have been going here for 5+ years, always wonderful care. The dentist, hygienists, and all the other staff are very friendly, helpful, and make your appointment as pleasant as possible! Doesn't hurt that they give you a complimentary paraffin treatment for your hands and a warm neck wrap to boot :)

Melanie McMillan

This is the best dentist I have used in a long time. They don't make you think there are problems so they can up-charge you for services you don't need. They listen and are caring and compassionate. I switched private insurances to make sure that I could stay with this dentist office after I retired. They are the best.


I've been going to Natural Smile for 2 years and I can't say enough great things about there service. The best dentist in Marietta(Cobb Co.)Lisa my hygienist is AWESOME!!! Thank you helping to keep my teeth perfect and having such great conversations with me.

Waynetta Safford

Fantastic dental establishment! Staff are always very friendly. In particular the front desk ladies, always remembers my preferences re: scheduling. Informative/thorough hygienists and a friendly doctor. The office is modern and very clean.. coffee/tea is offered in the waiting room along with a plethora of magazines to keep you occupied. However, I've never had to wait more than a minute or two. And most important, they've always taken great care of my teeth!

Nicholas Smith

My wife finally convinced me to change from my dentist to Natural Smiles Dentistry and I was very impressed on my 1st visit. Loved the massage chair and warm towel around my neck while having my teeth cleaned. They were very professional and extremely friendly all at the same time. They are now my dentist of choice...)

Tom Bracey

They are awesome. From the back massage chairs to the paraffin hand wax to the hot neck towel (all free) while they work on your teeth to the incredible customer service and VERY timely get you in/out they are for sure where you need to go if you need a dentist!!!

Heather Hawks

This office is amazing. Everyone is kind and professional from the initial appointment to rescheduling the next visit. My teeth are so well taken care of. I refer everyone to this office.


Really great dentist office. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They do a great job of keeping appointments on time and the facility is very clean - something they very clearly take seriously.

Don Wright

My husband and I have been going to Natural Smiles for about a year now. What more could a person want when you're stressed out then a nice warm neck cushion, paraffin hand treatment and the nicest group of ladies who work in this office.

Jacquie Carlisle

Great team of professionals. The staff is super kind, friendly and informative. Even through the COVID-19 hygiene expectations, they are still very warm and caring. I would recommend this team to my family and friends.

Dr Gray

I highly recommend Natural Smiles Dentistry. Always a pleasant experience going there. Great staff and Great service.

Steven Rogers

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